Apple cuts price on Mac Accessories

After Apple released new iMacs with a $100 savings over their previous generation, then cut $100 off the Mac Mini, Apple appears to have also cut pricing on Mac Accessories.

Apple have made price changes to the following products due to the strong  Australian dollar:

Mouse & Keyboards

  • Apple Magic Mouse now $75 (was $99)
  • Apple Mouse now $55
  • Apple Magic TrackPad now $75 (was $99)
  • Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard now $75 (was $99)

Adapters & Cables

  • Apple HDMI Cable now $20 (was $25)
  • Mini DisplayPort – VGA now $30 (was $45)
  • Mini DisplayPort – DVI now $30 (was $45)
  • Apple Remote now $20 (was $25)
  • MacBook/MacBook Pro power adapters now $89 (was $99)


  • Apple MacBook Air Super-Drive – External DVD now $89 (was $99)
  • Apple battery Charger with 6 x AA now $30 (was $39)

If there is any other changes we notice we will let you know.

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