Apple cuts price on Mac Accessories

After Apple released new iMacs with a $100 savings over their previous generation, then cut $100 off the Mac Mini, Apple appears to have also cut pricing on Mac Accessories.

Apple have made price changes to the following products due to the strong  Australian dollar:

Mouse & Keyboards

  • Apple Magic Mouse now $75 (was $99)
  • Apple Mouse now $55
  • Apple Magic TrackPad now $75 (was $99)
  • Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard now $75 (was $99)

Adapters & Cables

  • Apple HDMI Cable now $20 (was $25)
  • Mini DisplayPort – VGA now $30 (was $45)
  • Mini DisplayPort – DVI now $30 (was $45)
  • Apple Remote now $20 (was $25)
  • MacBook/MacBook Pro power adapters now $89 (was $99)


  • Apple MacBook Air Super-Drive – External DVD now $89 (was $99)
  • Apple battery Charger with 6 x AA now $30 (was $39)

If there is any other changes we notice we will let you know.

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  • The Apple Mouse dropped in price as well. Its now $55, it was $69 yesterday I believe.

    • Ben

      thanks for letting me know I will add this to the list.

  • And yet Australian iTunes prices remain static, and represent even worse value than they did before. We’re still paying $24.99 for The King’s Speech on iTunes Australia, whereas it’s available for purchase for $14.99 on the US iTunes Store (and most movies for a few dollars to rent, which is still not available in Australia.)

    • Anthony Gray

      Don’t forget though that content prices aren’t likely to be affected by the exchange rate, as it’s likely Apple had to negotiate those with the local content providers. DVD and CD prices don’t fall with our dollar’s rise against the US dollar.

  • Andrew

    Adapters and cables have also gone down

    Dp-VGA $30 was $45
    Dp-dvi $30 was $45
    Hdmi $20 was $25
    Remote $20 was $25

    • Ben

      Sweet thanks for letting me know I will add this to the list.

  • Murlgrrr

    Shouldn’t it be “due to the strong AUS dollar”?

    • Ben

      Your right my bad fixed :) Been one of those days :)

  • Andrew

    The Apple battery charger & 6 AA is now only $30 was $39,