iPad 2 to start at $629?

Streetwise had already put pricing on iPad 2 on their website listing the 16GB iPad 2 at $629. While they say “pricing subject to confirmation.” it may be the first price for the iPad 2 from a reseller.

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  • Rizan

    Why can’t we get it at the US prices?

    • Ben

      GST, Transport and currency conversion all add up leading to our prices being different to US.

      • Ken

        What transport costs? iPads are assembled in China. You really think they ship them all to the US and then to Australia?

  • Gino Ammavuta

    The exchange rate USD/AUS is 1 to 1. In fact a tad in favour. The advertised US$ prices include their consumer tax. Not much different to ours. As for freight, the cost of transport from the factory in China to the US would be same as China to Australia. So again, why can’t we (Australians) purchase the IPads at the same $ as the US???