iPad 2 Launch Information, released 5pm

Many of you have asked me to notify you when the pre order was to take place. With no pre order the best thing i can do is point out the best things you can do to get a iPad on launch day.

When’s iPad 2 launching?

iPad 2 is being released here in Australia at 5pm, March 25th! Thats this Friday!

Where’s the pre-order?

Apple Australia has said there is no pre-order, however you will be able to purchase online from 1am.

How much is the iPad 2?

Wi-Fi Only

iPad 2 16GB – Wi-Fi $579.00
iPad 2 32GB – Wi-Fi $689.00
iPad 2  64GB – Wi-Fi $799.00

Wi-Fi + 3G

iPad 2  16GB – Wi-Fi + 3G $729.00
iPad 2 32GB – Wi-Fi + 3G $839.00
iPad 2 64GB – Wi-Fi + 3G $949.00

Where can I buy an iPad 2?

iPad 2 will be sold at all Apple retail stores around the country at 5pm. You can see all Apple store retail store locations by clicking here.

iPad 2 will also be sold at:

  • Apple Resellers (Find Resellers here >>not all may not have stock launch day)
  • DickSmiths Stores
  • JB Hi-Fi Stores
  • Myer Stores

How do i get one launch day?

Going off previous demand in launches like this if you want a iPad 2 launch day i suggest:

  • iPad 2 launches at 5pm
  • Arriving at your local Apple Retail Store VERY early.
  • Expect to wait at the Apple Retail Store for possibly hours.
  • Arrive very early at any DickSmiths, JB Hi-Fi Store.
  • If you can’t wait i suggest order online at Apple very quickly.

I would also expect:

  • Stock to run out at stores by lunch time.
  • Apple Retail Stores will have most stock.
  • Other stores won’t have many launch day. Last year some only had 10.

Bottom line is: If you don’t arrive/wait early at a store your chances of getting a iPad 2 launch day are slim.

Whats the cheapest iPad 2 prices?

I will be keeping my eye out on any iPad 2 specials and deals. Look out for the iPad specials and deals page

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  • Rob Patterson

    The iPad 2 will be the same price as the current iPad

    • Ben

      Correct. However the currancy rate between Apple and US are now much better than during the period of iPad 1. So we should see a price drop here in Australia.

      • Joker

        Not necessarily, just because the dollar is currently high doesn’t mean it will stay high, and this means that if it were to drop, that there may be a large amount of loss on Apple’s part. It is currently in a very volatile position and this puts prices in a volatile position.

  • Leah

    How early is early? what time should i get to the stores?

    • Ben

      Hello Leah,

      To give you a idea iPad 1 launched at 8am last year. People started lining up the day before however MOST started waiting at 4am. I would expect the line to start hours before it goes on sale.

      JB Hi-Fi stores are likely to have stock on launch day so you may have luck by waiting outside a JB Hi-Fi store.

      Please watch this site as i have been told however not confirmed that the launch will happen at 5pm rather than 8am. As did happen in the US.

      As soon as i find out this i will update this page.

      • Leah

        Thanks Ben…..
        I phoned JB Hi Fi Penrith, and they wern’t even sure if they were getting stock for launch day. Was thinking of traveling to an apple store to get one. Limit is 2 per customer at Apple stores.

        • Leah

          plus apple store confirmed that release time is 5pm.

  • Talal

    is worth waiting in front of the Myer apple store? or going to doncaster or chadstone?

    • Ben

      If your prepared to wait i would suggest Doncaster or Chadstone as Official Apple Retail Stores will have a lot more stock.

  • Jason

    If you have to work – like me, how long will the ‘resupply’ take for a normal shopper to have a hance of getting one?? ie. Days or weeks???
    I know I could luck in on Friday arvo, but I won’t be able to get anywhere until after 3pm.

    • Ben

      Well few things.

      1) I have heard the launch will happen at 5pm … rather than 8am. iPad 2 went on sale 5pm in the US as well. I will update this site once I hear when it will happen. If it is at 5pm you may have some luck after work.

      2) As far as restocking to give you a idea the Apple stores are generally re-stocked daily but are sold out a few days – a week after launch.

      3) Online in the US iPad has a 5-6 week wait. I won’t be surprised if that is replicated on the Australian Online store as well.

  • Norman

    Are they releasing the white coloured ipad 2 on the 25th as well?

    • Ben

      Yes they are.

  • Johnny

    I am in the US for vacation and lined up today at the Apple Store in the California and people were camping over night. They give 10 Ipad to each store in the US and I have been trying for days, but saw some crazy people camping out at 10:30 PM to get an Ipad at 10:00 AM the next day.

  • Bob

    (Joker says:
    March 15, 2011 at 9:48 pm
    Not necessarily, just because the dollar is currently high doesn’t mean it will stay high, and this means that if it were to drop, that there may be a large amount of loss on Apple’s part. It is currently in a very volatile position and this puts prices in a volatile position.)

    Sorry Joker You could bet london to a brick that if/when the AUD falls that Apple WILL
    increase prices. The AUD is at the moment above parity so the pricing should at least match the US pricing. There is no reason why we should be paying $80 and up to $120 more. No reason at all. Apple are just ripping us off.

  • liebelle

    I have a question, I’m not sure how the pre-ordering online work?
    How long is the delivery( to your home address?)? Or after we order it online, we just pick it up at the store?

    • Ben

      Don’t quote me on this but i believe initially online orders will ship “within 24 hours” but like in the US it will quickly outstrip supply. In the US online ordering currently has a wait of 5-6 weeks.

  • Mikeal

    can you call too to process something from the online store from 1am or must it actually be done online – can you see the ship times before you pay … I have never ordered online but I cant make it to a store on friday. I am happy to wait a little bit for it to come in the mail but if its 4-5 weeks I wont bother with online ordering

    • Ben

      If you order online you will be able to see delivery times when it goes live at http://store.apple.com/au/ at this stage only iPad 1 is online.

      I wouldn’t count on being able to call I would say you can only do that during business hours.

  • Sue

    It’s 3.45 am March 25th. and so far there’s no online ordering of iPad 2 available.

  • Sue

    Was finally able to place my order at 4 am!

  • Andy

    I put my order through at 12:59 am.
    It was just a bit tricky to come accross the page, had to click on the “shop ipad” link on the right hand side of the page.

    • Andy

      oops left hand side of page

  • Sue

    Notice that delivery time is now 3-4 weeks instead of 2-3 weeks originally quoted?

    • Ben

      Unfortuently that’s the case :(