Apple mac back to school uni sale

If you’re a tertiary student, faculty or staff member and you buy a qualifying Mac with education pricing between 4 January and 28 March 2011, you can get up to $289 back via mail-in rebate.* No wonder they call these the best days of your life.

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  • Tanya ‘Amone

    Just enquiring about the Back to Skool Uni Sale…. Can I pls get the full details…

    • Ben


      Heres what you do:) :

      – Buy a new Mac before 28th March under the educational pricing. (So you must be a full time uni-student or a teacher.)

      – Plus buy a iPod Touch 8GB with your purchase.

      – Apply to get a rebate for the iPod Touch and you will get your money back for the iPod touch

      Check this link out:

  • Lisa

    Does this offer come around again at the start of second semester or will I have to wait until next year for this rebate to happen again?

    • Ben

      I have only ever seen this deal at the beginning of the year not second semester etc.