Microsoft’s latest ad: iTunes and the iPod are crazy expensive

Microsoft’s Laptop Hunter ads (onetwothree, and four) must be doing quite well, because what Microsoft started off as a price attack on Macs seems to have transcended over to the online music store business. Sure, Microsoft doesn’t refer to it as the Apple Tax this time around, but the company still makes a point to use price as the main factor on its Zune Pass (Flash required) website. Microsoft has put Wes Moss, Certified Financial Planner, to work in telling everyone why the Zune Pass makes more sense than purchases from the iTunes store. Notice that the Zune Marketplace (our review) isn’t mentioned at all; it’s only about the Zune Pass. I’ve embedded the video below:


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2 thoughts on “Microsoft’s latest ad: iTunes and the iPod are crazy expensive

    • i agree! Zune has been out in US for a fair while now if Microsoft really want to take on Apple they should be bringing out the Zune internationally to countries like us.

      Keep in mind that price is US$14.99 but it still isnt all too bad. I wish iTunes had a subscription service, almost $2.20 for A song is just too much.


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