15″ Macbook Pro special

Zerothree.com.au offer some of the cheapest prices, and now they have a May 15″ MacBook Pro Promo. Giving you a custom built MacBook Pro with 4GB memory and 320GB 7200 mhz for  $3315

May MacBook Pro Promo
Well, we too are ‘Rejecting the Recession’… yes, in our industry, a 10% discount is completely impossible without making a loss, and that helps nobody, so we’re doing what we can. So, we’ve introduced a further sizeable discount on the most popular 2.4Ghz MacBook pro custom build – 4Gb RAM and 320Gb 7200rpm Hard Drive makes your MacBook Pro as fast as it can possibly be, so if you’re looking for the best MacBook Pro for video editing, music or heavy creative work, but dont want to spend $3750 +, this Mac is for you. limited time only!

Find more from the zerothree webite.

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