New Macbooks with 3G & pro apps at WWDC?

We all know WWDC is coming this June the yearly conference that brings developers together. The conference allows Apple to announce new products and/or updated products such as the iPhone. The near WWDC conference also asks the question should we buy a iPhone now or wait?

Well now we have to think should we buy a Macbook or wait? According to a source Apple is going to use the WWDC conference to bring slight updates to the Macbook. According to the when to buy a mac section of our buyers guide Macbook updates are due soon.

We just got a call in from our favorite Apple source who says that Apple is going to have a minor update at WWDC for MacBooks and MAcBook Pros. He said he wasn’t sure what the minor upgrade was but there was speculation that there might be some sort of 3G hardware built in and/or speed bumps. Again, that part is unconfirmed.

Also, he said there would be a big Pro apps update. Final Cut Pro, Aperture, Logic, Shake should all see significant updates.

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