Mac Pro memory prices slashed at has annouched at Mactalk huge savings in Mac Pro memory for all models of Mac Pro. However the prices will only last as long as the current batch of stock does.

For the 2006/2007 Mac Pro:

Elpida 8GB (4x2GB Matched Quad) DDR2-667 Fully Buffered Memory Kit Was $314.99, now $264.99

For the 2008 Mac Pro:

Nanya 8GB (4x2GB Matched Quad) DDR2-800 Fully Buffered Memory Kit Was $343.99, now $296.99

For the new 2009 Mac Pro:

Micron 8GB (4x2GB Matched Quad) DDR3-1066 ECC Dimm Memory Kit (includes Apple Specified Thermal Sensor) Was $287.99, now $257.99

We guarantee these kits will run rock solid on your Mac Pro for the rest of its life, with further discounts for multiple quantities, and lots of other kit sizes (2GB, 4GB, 6GB) available.

As usual, our 30-day no-questions-asked Money Back guarantee and Lifetime Warranty applies!

There’s plenty of other great deals to be had on memory for old and new macs so visit us at

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